Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Sciences is the first approved faculty of Islamic Azad University of Arak which started its activity in the field of applied chemistry with about 80 students in 1991, as well as the provision of basic courses to other faculties. However, this faculty and the Faculty of Engineering were merged and gave its name to the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering in 1997. In 2000, due to the increase of disciplines the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering was divided into three faculties of sciences, engineering and agriculture.

Faculty of Sciences IAU Arak

At present, the Faculty of Sciences has about 740 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the following fields of study:

- physics (Applied, Nuclear, Solid) in BSc

- Chemistry (Applied, Inorganic) in BSc

- Microbiology in BSc

- Biotechnology and herbal practices in BSc

- Chemistry (Applied, Analytical, physical, Organic) in MSc

-Mathematics (Numerical analysis, Operational Research) in MA

- Statistics, social sciences and economics in MA

- Biology – Microbiology in Ph.D.

- Chemistry (Applied, analytical, Physical, Organic, Mineral) in Ph.D.

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Last Update At : 31 December 2018